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So funny story

Tony Daniel, writer of such classics [insert sarcasm font] Battle for the Cowl  is currently writing Action Comics. I will not comment on the quality of that book because it’s inconsequential, but lets just say it  ain’t on a my pull list. In his most recent issue he has Clark say to Jimmy that he’s been “friend zoned”. If you’re following me you don’t need to be told why the idea of friend zoning is sexist, but after seeing a post on here about how someone confronted him about it I went to see if he’d apologized. He had not. So I decided that I would add my voice to what I hope will be others. Let’s just say, he did not take kindly to it.

Now before I keep posting I want to make a point of where I was trying to say here. It’s something that Smooth did in his post but really Bomani Jones said once on Hoop Speak. No one has racism or sexism repellent. It’s something we all grow up with and it becomes a part of us. My goal here was to say that the thing he did was sexist, not that he was sexist. Spoiler alert, he did not take it that way

At this point I’m a little angry. I’m tired from my second day of boxing class, my arms are shaking, and this guy cannot be bothered to consider he may be wrong. But I tried to remain civil. I asked if he’d read the article the other girl sent.

When I tried to reply to him again, just to try and point him towards something that may cause him to in some way reflect on the matter. But when I tried I got this

I was blocked! I’m actually kinda happy about this because I’ve never been blocked before. And I mean I’m on NBA twitter so I’ve fought with people before plenty. I have never been blocked though. As my friend Giselle said, Achievement Unlocked. 

After this I mentioned it to Tris because I thought this was great. She decided to jump in. 

Heads up that for my own sake the tweets now go from earliest to latest.

And then there was this little stretch

So now we’re both blocked. We’re blocked buddies. I guess that’s like being the Bash Brothers for D2: Mighty Ducks? I’m going to pretend it is. Just wanted to throw this up on here because I thought it was funny. 

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    What a douchebag. DC needs to reprimand his ass. Even if it’s Twitter, there is no excuse for such unprofessional...
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